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Jonathan Winfisky - Glass Artist

Jonathan Winfisky - Glass Artist

Jonathan Winfisky - Glass Artist


"My glass artwork is about groupings  of objects — forms in a series all designed to work collectively in  relation to each other, with an underlying design element which carries a  theme throughout."

Jonathan Winfisky is concerned with the  interplay of his designs, generating soft, sensual forms that build  repetition to create complex patterns rich in color and texture. These  blown and cast vessels exhibit elegance through the use of simple lines and jewel-like colors embedded within clear glass.Each  piece is created by hand in a renovated 100-year-old barn that serves  as Winfisky’s studio gallery. Settled in the Berkshires of western  Massachusetts, he finds inspiration in the landscape as well as in the  sensuous and spontaneous nature of hot glass art.


Lesley Grow Winfisky - Curator

Jonathan Winfisky - Glass Artist

Jonathan Winfisky - Glass Artist

We are a husband and wife team who opened this shop for our hand blown glass work, and great vintage jewelry finds. 

       Combining a one of a kind sense of style and 40 years of experience  in the art market, glass artist Jonathan Winfisky and painter Lesley  Grow-Winfisky opened Grow Gallery with a fresh perspective on the  concept of a gallery.

Our individual experience in the art  world as artists has lent us a unique perspective on what buyers want.   In a questionable economy, the ability to provide people with creations  that are not just beautiful works of art, but are reasonably priced and  have a function, is crucial. To give and collect something created by  hand with care is still very much desired by many buyers.  


About Our Collection

Jonathan Winfisky - Glass Artist

About Our Collection

 Art  is still alive!
It just needs the right outlet to flourish. We at Grow  Gallery feel that as artisans running our own gallery, we are committed  to reminding a discouraged market that there is collectible and  affordable artisan made work available. Everyone should have the  opportunity to appreciate, and own a piece of their imagination. Let us  assist you in finding the perfect jewelry accessory  or glass art piece for  engagement or every day! 

   Lesley has always loved history, jewelry and  objects of all kinds. "It is fascinating and romantic to me to imagine  who may have owned a piece and the places it has been in its lifetime.  Having worked in the jewelry, antique and craft industry for over 12  years I have learned about restoration, identification and valuation of  items and precious gemstones. It is with this knowledge and passion that  I bring to you my fantastic and unusual finds!" 

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